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The Process2023-09-14T16:13:03-05:00

the process

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common questions about our process

Can I Design My Own House Plans?2023-09-12T16:59:23-05:00

While Gracepoint does not currently offer custom drawn house plans, we offer a large catalog of proven plans with options for every lifestyle. If you don’t find one to your liking, bring us your plan and let us give you the price to build!

How Can I Manage Budget Changes and Unforeseen Costs?2023-09-12T16:57:31-05:00

Gracepoint provided fixed cost pricing on all of our construction projects. All additional costs from lot development to structural options and design selections will be explained to you before the project starts. Once your contract is complete, you should not incur any additional costs.

How Can I Ensure Quality and Inspections During Construction?2023-09-12T16:57:11-05:00

Gracepoint provides inspections throughout the construction process. Our structural engineer inspects the foundation before the concrete is placed to ensure the accuracy of the construction. During the build, Gracepoint provides 3rd party inspections before drywall and once the home is complete. These inspections are to confirm the home is being built according to the current approved building codes. Finally, the Gracepoint team does it’s own Quality Assurance inspection to make sure the home was built to the highest standards.

What’s the Importance of Soil Testing?2023-09-12T16:56:44-05:00

Testing the properties of your soil give our structural engineers the information needed to determine the type of foundation required for your home.

What if I don’t already own land?2023-09-12T16:52:12-05:00

Gracepoint has an experienced land procurement team that can help you locate a property in your preferred area.

Do I Need a Permit to Build on My Own Property?2023-09-12T16:54:55-05:00

Yes. All construction projects will require either a county or city building permit before construction can begin. There are also secondary permits, such as community HOA or Architectural Control Committee permits.

How do I find out About Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Rules?2023-09-12T16:56:14-05:00

Your HOA guidelines can typically be provided by your real estate agent, or by contacting the community’s association directly. Often these documents can be found on community websites.

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